I. Order Modifications and Cancellations

Please understand that we operate on a print-on-demand basis. This means we only begin production once an order has been placed. Consequently, an item that has already been printed per an order cannot be reused.

However, we acknowledge that minor, unforeseen issues may arise during the ordering process and we strive to ensure you receive the product you are most satisfied with.

To this end, we offer a 24-hour ‘golden period’ ( from date you placed order) for free cancellations and changes to size or design, anthing. Beyond this period, extra charges may apply for changes.


24-hour ‘golden period’ Free cancel or change order information
24-72 hours Cancel: 10 USD/item for fee
Change size/variant: 10 USD/item for fee
Change shipping address: Free
>72 hours Cancel: Non-accepted
Change size/variant: 15 USD/item for fee (excepted bomber jacket and shoes)
Change shipping address: Non-accepted
After received order (within 7 days) Change size/design: 50% price of item

– Note:

  • For any immediate concerns, kindly contact us directly at [email protected].
  • Any modifications to your order may affect the production and delivery timeline.
  • If you did not receive the order confirmation email after a successful transaction, please contact us with a screenshot of the transaction confirmation

II. Refund and Replacement Policies
– In the following situations, we accept requests for replacement no extra fee and no need to return:

  • Defective products due to manufacturing error.
  • Products have been damaged during delivery.
  • The received products are incorrect (wrong size, color, design).
  • The post office provided a notice that the package was lost in the mail (need to provide us a certificate of loss from the local postal)

We DO NOT offer replacements or refunds for:

  • Design/Size changes requested after receiving the product.
  • Improper care or damages caused post-delivery over a month.
  • The order was undelivered due to insufficient or incorrect address provided by the customer, or if delivery was refused
  • Orders delayed due to adverse weather conditions, impacts of a pandemic, or any unforeseen circumstances that may affect our carriers.

– Note :

  • Issues must be reported within 7 days from the delivery date shown on the tracking information.
  • Please reach out to our customer service team via email : [email protected], with your order number and detailed explanation of the issue, along with any relevant photos or documentation, if you encounter any of the above situations.
  • Videos or detailed photos of the faulty product are required for quality control purposes and need to be added as attachment to the submitted request (front, back and packaging)
  • If an order is not delivered due to an incomplete or incorrect address provided by the customer, or if delivery is refused, we may ask you to pay 50% of the original payment to have it sent back.
  • We are committed to providing you with a satisfactory resolution.